Work With Us!

Horizon Two Labs (H2L) is a venture studio that (co-)conceives, develops and operates startups. We partner with founders and large enterprises to form joint ventures that leverage the expertise, resources, and intellectual property of our partners with the design & technical chops and go-to-market execution and entrepreneurism of the studio.

The H2L studio creates startups across a wide variety of industries but we also continually test our own internal ideas through our four (4) step process of validating, design, build/test and scale. Through our internally funded ideas, our goal is to create one (1) new validated startup per quarter that takes an idea from zero (0) to a midwest Pre-A funding round. 

Our core studio team is made up of serial entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, and creatives who like to build cool shit to solve real (big) problems. The opportunities are endless and we strive to not only scale startups, but also our own aspirations.

Currently, H2L builds fintech startups and online marketplaces.

Culture & Philosophy: 

H2L is an entrepreneurial-minded team that falls into three archetypes: hackers (engineers), hustlers (visionaries, operators, sales and marketing) and hipsters (creatives). We all believe in a never stop learning mindset where our work speaks for itself. 

We search for markets to identify the horizons of innovation with the goal of continuously defining adjacent possibilities. Our goal is to always put the challenges of the customer first and build great products that solve real (big) problems.

Our Values

  • Think and act big
  • Never stop learning
  • Put our customer and users first
  • Embrace the problem, be part of the solution
  • Question the status quo 
  • Roll up your sleeve mentality
  • Ask for forgiveness rather than permission
  • Results-driven. aka get shit done
  • Judged on merits of work
  • Invest, don’t spend
  • Test everything

Why We Like You: 

  • You’re a self-starter
  • You’re result-driven
  • Detail-oriented with the ability to multitask and prioritize
  • In a team setting, you understand how to navigate disagreements
  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills—particularly with keeping stakeholders aware of project status. 
  • You have a flexible approach to work —operating proactively in a fast-paced (often chaotic), evolving atmosphere with ambiguous structures… in other words, you thrive on organized chaos
  • You recognize transparency with team members is a means to iteratively deliver more valuable work, together.
  • You love to learn and apply what you learn.